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"Marc Brenton has not only captured the sound of his music, he has seized its essence...If you have ever enjoyed the combination of a high wild wind and a warm crackling fire, this music will reach into that same spot in your mind.  It is wild and yet contained in the rhythms that are living deep inside our skins.  Open up and let the heartbeat in."

-Erica Parfit, The MIssoulian

 Marc Brenton was born in the month of November. On a Friday morning, if that means anything to you.  He is from Texas and suffers all accompanying slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.   He seems to be just smart enough to get himself into trouble that he's not quite clever enough to get himself out of.  He enjoys writing songs by himself and playing them for people who care to listen. He has been reportedly been sighted in Montana and Oregon, but it should be mentioned that he has a penchant for finding comfortable rocks and living under them for extended periods of time.  He enjoys fine wine. It is said that he once studied Theatre and Philosophy but not necessarily at the same time nor in that order.  He enjoys writing songs with his friends and forgetting what he writes. He currently spends time searching for perfect songs in temporary places in and around the southern parts of Austin, Texas.



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