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To put it simply, this band makes incredibly beautiful music… there’s a rich, deeply complex texture of traditional and modern arrangements, striking the most delicate and wistful tones in the most intense ways.”

                                                                                 Laurie Gallardo, Austin Music Minute 

some say Leland is the collective musical wanderings of a group of artists living in Austin, Texas. Led by songwriter Dan Grissom, some say Leland is a band full of composers from many different musical backgrounds. Their music is a unique blend of all of their influences. Elements of old time music intertwine with experimental flourishes and dense arrangements, creating a fitting environment for Grissom’s evocative lyrics.


Dan Grissom – vocals, guitar, banjo
Adam Rader – electric guitar, banjo, toys, backing vocals
Stephen Orsak – electric guitar, backing vocals
Stephen Smith – trombone, fender rhodes, piano
Lindsey Verrill – upright bass, tuba, backing vocals
Cole Roulain – drums, percussion

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