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Elam is a lyrical, poetical, mystical master of the turn of the phrase that will turn the corners of your mouth upward in a grateful grin.

Forest Sun

Elam Blackman is a human person who was born in the front yard. Red dirt roads. A cottonwood. His parents were/ may still be hippies. Elam Blackman was born through perserverance, and through traveling. He continues being born by imagination. Some days nothing happens. One day Elam went to Warren Wilson College in Asheville. Then he blinked his eyes and he was in California where he grew up. Blink. Mexico. Blink. Boston. Blink. Texas. Etc...
Elam writes songs. It just happened one day. Hannah Schwartz gave him his first guitar when he was 20. John McConneloug showed him how to play an E cord. Elam talks in the third person for bios. Do you like bios? Elam is shy at times and when he gets to know you he might tell a joke or two. For less bio and more music stop by on the world wide web of the internet. For people who love biographies Elam suggests A Place To Stand by Jimmy Santiago Baca. For those of you who love music listen to his latest work. You might just find that you like it. It was produced by madman Paul Curreri who you might know from the band Paul Curreri. Or you may know his wife Devon Sproule who is also in a self titled band. Why is this important? Because it is written here.



1975 Born in New Mexico

1988 Kicked out of waldorf school

1993 Moved to the NC for college discovered appalachia 

1995 Began writing songs with a guitar

2004 Sold everything and went to Mexico

2005 Released Canlelight and Twine 

2008 Formed Constant Clip Records

2011 Released Friend to much aclaim from friends


PRESENT DAY  living in an enclosed porch. note the cedar shadows on the blinds. moving. the made by hand stereo console from wood scraps. designed and built in the yard. music at a constant clip of 33 and a third. sounding


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