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"Crispy was born of the old mountains, from the innocence of a clear spring, gurgling to life, full of beginnings. This stream, with its Baby Heart, young yet full of timeless wisdom, was fated to flow down into the dark valley where it would twist and bend through hollers here and yon, places of darkness and places of light, until one day it meets up with that great sea. Crispy found his Baby Heart String Band in Knoxville, TN and together they allowed that stream to run from banjo to fiddle until their voices began to meld into something akin to the very first breath, the same breath that calls dreams into the hearts of human beings. As Crispy sings in Beyond the Blue, "what are dreams but tormentors/the source of all our pain/we ain't nothin' but the stories we tell/I was born just before the rain."

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