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"Woodward's banjo-driven folk songs slowly slink like fog down from the Appalachian mountains and hills of Virgina and wrap your soul in melancholy. Woodward's 2009 release, Speck, is full of subtle textures and well-matched harmonies that support interesting and well-written narratives."



Haunting, Appalachian-influenced banjo songs and Judy Garland-likened vocals have won acclaim from NPR, No Depression, The Boston Globe, My Old Kentucky Blog, and have been featured in film and television (MTV's My Life as Liz, National Geographic Departures, The Fat Boy Chronicles, So You Think You Can Dance, Adult Swim). Woodward’s songs blend her southern roots with the urban folk sounds of Boston and New York, cities that shaped her music during its early development. With a distinctive banjo playing style and refined lyrics, this young lawyer-songwriter has been well received by audiences across the US and in Europe. Just after its release, Woodward’s sophomore album "Speck" made it into the top 200 college radio charts in the United States and Canada. She has appeared on numerous National Public Radio programs and has had television placements in the US, Australia, Europe, India, and southeast Asia. She is represented by Constant Clip Records in the US, and Continental Record Services in Europe. Woodward currently resides in her home state of South Carolina. 

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